Privacy and Personal Details Consent

We will need to collect personal Information about you.  

Personal information may range from the sensitive (e.g. relevant criminal history check) to the everyday (e.g. address  and phone number). We may collect the opinions of others about your work performance your work experience and  qualifications, aptitude test results and other information in connection with your possible work placements. We will  

only collect information that is reasonably necessary for the performance of our functions and activities as a  recruitment agency.  

We do not collect or use personal information for the purpose of unlawful discrimination. We only collect personal  information that is relevant to determine your suitability for work and eligibility to perform work, or for any legislative  or regulatory requirement with regards to any role which we may represent you to. We conduct criminal history checks  and checks relating to working with children and vulnerable people to obtain relevant history with regards to particular  job you are offered or for which you are being considered for.  

If you only browse our website, we do not collect information that identifies you personally, though we may collect  information related to your visit to our website.  

Please see our privacy policy for more detailed information. Our Privacy policy sets out further information which it  may be helpful for to know and can be found at  

Who will be collecting your personal and sensitive information  

Your information will be collected by abrs (Australian Barnardos Recruitment Services) 60-64 Bay Street, Ultimo NSW 2007 for its own use. Backup data will be held offsite for a limited time period. Some of your personal information may  be held on portable devices such as mobile phones, laptop computers or in diaries operated and held by our  consultants.  

How to contact us  

If you wish to contact us about your personal information you should contact our General Manager, Natalie Clemens during normal office hours at or on 0477 808 676. Our Privacy Policy located at contains more detailed information about how you may access personal information that is held by us and seek  correction of that information.  

Personal Information about you that we collect from others  

We collect information about you from other people including referees, previous employers, professional registration  authorities, educational institutions, who may be in a position to provide us with information that we may use to  confirm your work history and education and assess your suitability to be placed in positions you may be offered.  

If we reasonably believe that your being in, or remaining in, a position might present a risk to your health and safety or  to that of others for whose health or safety we are responsible, we may collect relevant personal information  (including health information) that will allow us to manage that risk.  

Legal requirements for personal information  

Some laws such as taxation law, immigration law, laws regulating employment agencies, laws relating to national  security, laws relating to professional or trade registration and laws for the protection of certain classes of people (such  as children or the elderly) may require that we collect certain types of information (including criminal history and  evidence of your right to work) form you that is relevant to the position(s) for which you may be applying.  

There may be cases where our duties require us to obtain and disclose certain types of personal information relevant to  specific jobs. (E.g. some professional registration legislation may require the collection of certain types of information)  When requesting information of this type we will tell you whether the supply of that information by you is mandatory  or voluntary.  

Electronic Transactions  

We conduct transactions electronically as well as in hard copy and by face to face measures. It is important that you  understand that there are risks associated with the use of electronic technologies and the use of internet and you  should take appropriate steps to protect your personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy for further  information.  

Your personal information will be used in connection with:  

  • Our assessment of your suitability for registration with us; 
  • The necessary validation (including form appropriate third party sources) of your resume, C.V., nominated references or stated qualifications, experience, training or abilities. Where we require third party validation we will tell you how we propose to obtain it; 
  • Your actual or possible work placement 
  • Your performance appraisals
  • Any test or assessment (including medical tests and assessments) that you might be required to undergo;
  • Our assessment of your ongoing performance and prospects; 
  • Our identification of your training needs; 
  • Suggestions we may make to you, whilst you remain registered with us, for further training in connection with work of the type that you are seeking through us; 
  • Any workplace rehabilitation in which you are involved; 
  • Our management of any complainant, investigation or inquiry in which you are involved;
  • Any insurance claim or proposal that requires disclosure or your personal or sensitive information;
  • Any reference that we may give concerning your work; 
  • Our statutory compliance obligations 

Your personal information may be disclosed to; 

  • Potential and actual employers and clients of abrs 
  • Referees and a person who seeks a reference about you 
  • All consultants employed by abrs 
  • Our insurers 
  • A professional association or registration body that has a proper interest in the disclosure of your personal and sensitive information 
  • A Workers Compensation body 
  • Our contractors and suppliers – e.g. our I.T. Department and contractors, internet service suppliers and database designers, some of whom may be off shore; 
  • A parent, guardian holder of an enduring power of attorney (or like authority) or next of kin whom we may contact in any case in which consent is required or notification is to be given and where is not practicable to obtain it from or give it directly to you; 
  • Any person with a lawful entitlement to obtain the information