Our Values

Our values - the same as yours

Our values aren’t just things we believe in. They’re our entire foundation. They’re the very reason we exist, and the reason we’ve returned every single cent of profit we’ve earned to charity.

We believe in:

Making a difference

Our overarching value is the belief that we have a responsibility to make a difference. To the children and families who rely on Barnardos, and to the people and organisations we work with. And we believe in helping them making a difference too. We do our utmost to learn what causes our candidates are passionate about, and to place them in roles where they can pursue that passion.

True partnerships

To make a difference to our candidates and clients, we believe we must be their business partner, not just a matchmaking service. We have to understand, respect and revolve around their goals and aspirations. This means truly understanding the individual needs of each and every client, and each and every candidate, and having their long-term interests at heart.

Valuing & sharing knowledge

Our knowledge and expertise is continuously developing, drawing on both our own and others’ experience. As a social business enterprise of one of Australia’s leading charities, we understand firsthand the difficulties the sector faces – from budget constraints to never-ending legislative changes and burdensome requirements. We’re committed to continuously evaluating how we work, and how we can improve our service.

Being accountable

There’s a big difference between being responsible for something, and being accountable for it. We believe that true partnerships require true accountability.

Paying attention to detail

As a non-profit, we understand the intricacies and subtleties of the sectors we serve. We have the insight required to match candidates with clients who are genuinely compatible, so both grow and excel.

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