Recruitment Agency Profits Going To Good Causes – Barnardos’ Family And Accommodation Service

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**Recruitment agency profits going to good causes – Barnardos’ Family and Accommodation service **

abrs is Australia’s only charity owned recruitment agency. All net profit is returned to Barnardos to support additional funding needs for children, family and community services. Barnardos’ Family and Accommodation service in Penrith is an example. Adam (3 years) and his mum Samantha aged (21 years) were referred to Barnardos for support as they were homeless. Since the age of 13, Samantha had been couch surfing. She has an extensive history with DCJ being removed at age 2, due to neglect, domestic violence and parental mental health issues. Samantha experienced sexual abuse and became pregnant with Adam at 17. She received no pre-natal care and on Adam’s birth was homeless. They couch surfed until DCJ received a ROSH report when Adam was found on the street by himself at 3am. Upon Police returning Adam home, they found 14 people living at home. When Samantha and Adam moved into Barnardos accommodation, caseworkers quickly identified that Adam was not meeting his developmental milestones. He was not speaking and did not engage in play. Caseworkers supported Adam by arranging for a paediatric appointment, modelling parenting for Samantha, attending playgroups with Samantha and supporting Samantha to obtain her own home.

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