5 Things To Look For In Aged Care Recruitment Agencies

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Aged care facility managers have a responsibility to ensure their nursing homes are staffed with knowledgeable, skilled workers. However, the hiring process can be daunting and often, there’s just not enough time to thoroughly vet candidates. This can lead to hiring individuals who aren’t qualified for the job.

Working specialist aged care recruiters to assist you in the employee search process can be a valuable solution. Here’s what you need to know about staffing an aged care home, the benefits of using an aged care recruitment agency, and what to look for in an agency before partnering.

Who Should Work In Aged Care Homes? 

The aged care workforce in Australia should be comprised of committed, caring individuals who have great respect for the aging human condition. They should also have a minimum level of experience already working with elderly individuals. An aged care career is one sought out by those passionate about continuity of care and caring for our elderly. It is not something for someone to ‘fall into’ and it is up to your agency to ensure the ethical and genuine nature behind all of its carers experience.

Matching qualified workers to jobs that are a good fit is critical to the success of the facility as well as the wellbeing of its patients. Job seekers should be fully compliant, and all background checks completed including a clear criminal records check, verified education and training, and/ or years of experience as well as references attesting to their on the job performance.

What Are the Benefits of Using Aged Care Recruitment Agencies to Find Job Seekers?

Aged care  recruitment can be a difficult task, especially for busy aged care facilities that may not have time to dedicate themselves to thorough background checks and interviews while they’re caring for patients.

Working with an aged care employment agency specifically can help employers obtain high-quality candidates interested in open positions. Facilities can entrust the recruitment process to an employment agency and make the final hiring decisions once the legwork has been done.

5 Things an Aged Care Facility Should Consider For High-Quality Care Recruitment 

Here are 5 things nursing homes should look for when selecting an aged care employment agency:

1. Experience Working Within the Aged Care Sector 

First and foremost, it’s critical  your nursing facility works with recruitment agencies that have sector specific experience in the aged care sector and who understand the unique needs presented in the provision of excellent care.

One big issue faced by facilities is partnering with agencies who are not industry specific. Who work across multiple, varied sectors and are not truly understanding of your needs or basic skillset required to provide quality care. Choosing an agency based simply on cost is a common mistake and one which leads to a lack of continuity of care and, additional cost. A recruiter who has both knowledge and experience in aged care will add value, expertise and the best possible candidates.

2. Candidates Who can Commit 

High turnover rates are costly for nursing facilities, but even more so, lack of attrition leads to poor continuity of care for your residence. Not only can poor hiring decisions be a drain in terms of training hours, but it also disrupts the ongoing support and deserved time of residents. Ensuring the right fit in terms of skills, cultural fit and long term commitment is essential for the best outcomes.

3. Positive Reviews and References

Another important thing to look for when considering aged care recruiters is seeking who they currently support in terms of your competitors. A great indication of a good agency is their reputation in the market. Look for reviews or endorsements from satisfied clients. Testimonials and client references are a great way for a recruitment agency to be able to demonstrate their excellent work.

It’s normal to find a negative review or two; if you do, look for where the company responded to the issue and what they did to ameliorate the matter. If you find only glowing reviews with no critical remarks, this may be a sign an aged care employment agency has falsified or paid for their reviews. In short, always go to the source of truth as any good recruiter has verified references.

4. Enough Staff to Serve Your Aged Care Facility’s Needs

In a nursing facility, being short-staffed is a critical issue requiring immediate resolution. A high staff to patient ratio in an aged care home can mean patients don’t get the support they need in a timely and thorough fashion. It can lead to poor resident outcomes and overworked staff. It’s important your facility has enough employees on hand to provide excellent care for patients.

Ensuring the recruitment agency you select has enough qualified candidates already available to meet your needs is a great indicator of their expertise in the market. Not only will job seekers actively apply to be represented by the agency but, they will have tenure and reputation leading to a great database for you to review. Look for agencies who can offer you pre existing choice and not just post an ad for you!

5. Dedication to the Practice of Aged Care Support

The employment agency you choose should be dedicated to the practice of supporting aging individuals with a multidisciplinary approach. Not only should the aged care recruiters you choose have access to a pool of qualified job seekers, they should also be consistently involved in the community around them.

Look for recruitment agencies that partner with other organisations to set and achieve shared goals to benefit society as a whole and more specifically, the aged care sector. Ask agencies you are considering what their community involvement is and what their overall vision and mission is to help not only the patients in their care but also the community at large.

Contact ABRS For More Information Today 

The Australian Barnardos Recruitment Services (ABRS) has served the Social Care Sector since 2003, offering specialized recruitment services for home care, personal care, and aged care facilities throughout South Wales. It is Australia’s only charity-owned recruitment agency and has a reputation for excellence in the sectors of aged care, mental health, children and families, vulnerable people, and people with disabilities.

To learn more about ABRS or to discuss your aged care recruitment needs, call 02 9218 2334.

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