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Recruiter : Salima Rust

With over a decade of experience in recruitment, Salima brings a wealth of expertise to her role as a Corporate Recruitment Consultant at abrs. Her background spans across a diverse range of roles within small to large organisations, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the recruitment landscape. What sets Salima apart is her commitment to building lasting relationships with clients. She takes the time to truly understand their business, recognising that finding the right cultural fit is just as crucial as matching skill sets. Her consultative approach ensures that she not only meets the immediate staffing needs but also aligns candidates with the long-term goals and ethos of the organisation. Salima’s passion extends beyond just filling roles, she is deeply committed to supporting her community and connecting individuals with positions that offer more than just a job – they offer purpose. Throughout her career, Salima has sought out opportunities to align candidates with organisations that are making a meaningful impact on society and improving the lives of individuals in need. Salima’s combination of extensive recruitment experience, client-focused approach and passion for social impact makes her an invaluable asset to the organisations she serves within the social care sector. With her dedication and expertise, she is poised to make a meaningful contribution to the recruitment landscape, ensuring that both clients and candidates find success and fulfillment in their endeavours.