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Recruiter : Ebony Chalmers

Ebony has 14 years’ experience in a diverse range of organisations and industries, bringing a wealth of expertise in human resources and recruitment. Her skills encompass every facet of HR and recruitment, from employee and industrial relations through to change management. Additionally, she has a particular strength in identifying and recruiting executive leadership talent, with a specialised focus on the social services and welfare sector. She is a driven and dedicated individual with a passion for connecting professionals to opportunities that align with their career goals. She takes great pride in initiating and executing best practices that cultivate positive cultures and foster highly skilled and motivated workforces. Her strategic acumen strengthens talent acquisition processes, and leverage industry knowledge to optimise recruitment effectiveness, leading to organisational success. She is committed to understanding your unique requirements and tailoring services to suit your organisational objectives. Whilst further exploring how she can bring her expertise and passion to your organisation. Together, we can make a lasting impact on your organisation and the people you serve.